About company

We express our respect to you and invite you to cooperation in the field of trade.

We represent the distribution company "TASHKENT SLASTI" in Uzbekistan.

We have been operating in the Uzbek market since 2011. A distribution network has been established throughout the Republic. We carry out large purchases of goods from the manufacturer (manufacturer) for the purpose of further sale throughout Uzbekistan, independently, through our agents and partners.

During its existence, the Company has become one of the brightest and most dynamically developing trading companies in the Uzbek market.
Tashkent Slasti is one of the top 7 distribution companies in Uzbekistan.

The company is equipped with modern warehouse equipment that meets international standards.

Control and accounting for sales is carried out in a specialized and modern distribution program Sales Doctor.

Maps by area coverage

Uzbekistan is divided into 12 regions and includes one autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, bordered by Kazakhstan in the north, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the east, Turkmenistan in the southwest and Afghanistan in the south.

  • 1. Andijan region
  • 2. Bukhara region
  • 3. Jizzakh region
  • 4. Kashkadarya region
  • 5. Namangan region
  • 6. Navoi region
  • 7. Samarkand region
  • 8. Surkhandarya region
  • 9. Syrdarya region
  • 10. Tashkent region
  • 11. Fergana region
  • 12. Khorezm region
  • 13. Republic of Karakalpakstan

  • There is a staff unit for the position of chief manager, whose workplace is located in the main office of the Tashkent Slasti Company, Tashkent. His duties include monitoring the work of supervisors and agents in the regions, studying supply and demand, sales volume, daily dialogue with employees by phone or telegram. Based on the results of the information received, he will report daily to the management.

    For production reasons, as well as in case of a drop in sales, once a month or once a quarter, the general manager goes to the region to find out the reason.

    Selection of partners in the regions.

    1) Local partners should have experience in the field of buying and selling food products;

    2) In his territory he had respect, status, financial situation and how he works;

    3) There should not be a similar product in the partners' portfolio;

    4) Qualified personnel;

    5) The number of design bureaus and batteries on its territory.

    When the above points are fulfilled, our management and the manager go to the site to study the territory and conclude an agreement with a trial period of 1 month. After that, partners begin their activities.

    Requirement for partners:

    * Daily photo report of products on the shelf (via telegram)

    * Daily revenue (turnover)

    * Weekly stock balance by items

    Agent commission.

    For agents + deliverers and supervisors, a monthly sales plan is set and a battery plan is issued.

    When the sales plan is fulfilled, bonuses and rewards are paid for the battery.

    Number of CBOs - 28,650 (average)

    Number of ACBs - 23,947 (on average)

    Number of employees, total - 166 people, including:

    Number of employees - 166 people

    Number of employees, total - 166 persons, including:

    Number of employees

    Tashkent office - 12 units

    Supervisors and supervisors

    Supervisors and supervisors


    Supervisors - 14 units

    Suppliers - 14 units

    Trading agents - 83 units

    Sales agents - 83 units

    Delivery agents - 57 units

    Suppliers - 57 units

    Our mission

    We value our name and status in the market, fulfilling all our obligations to partners and employees.

    Respectfully to you and your business,
    Director - I.A. Karimov
    Commercial Director - Zh.S. Mamatov

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